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Learn to play a Brass Instrument.........Now Online!

Alan Holford. Specialist teacher, musician, conductor & Ensemble trainer


Online Lesson Information 

Which online platform is best?

Lessons can take place over a number of different platforms like FaceTime or Skype, but I have found Zoom to be the most effective and provide the best experience for brass lessons so far.

The Zoom App is FREE to download and register on desktops, laptops, tablets And ‘phones.

Why Zoom?

Quality of sound and easy, secure connectivity is an important consideration. Most platforms are developed for speech and not specifically for musical instruments. Brass instruments are very dynamic, which can create problems with auto mic level adjustment and App treatment of background noise.

Zoom provides a level of flexibility in its’ settings which enhance the lesson experience including;

  • a secure private connection through the contacts facility in the App.
  • adjustments to the sound settings give the best audio experience for your lesson.
  • an option to use original sound which gives a more accurate representation of what you sound like.
  • facility to view music and other resources on screen during your lesson.

Information on how to configure your Zoom audio settings will be given as part of your taster lesson.

What device to use for your lesson.

A laptop or desktop will provide the most flexibility and experience for your lesson. Laptops have larger screens and can be easily positioned on a desk or table for your lesson. Tablets and ‘phones are also an option, but you will need to consider both the screen size and where you will position your device to see me and for me to be able to see you while playing your instrument.

To get started you will need;

  • to identify a suitable space at home to receive your lesson.
  • your instrument and mouthpiece 
  • a laptop, tablet or ‘phone
  • a fast stable internet connection 
  • to download and register the Zoom App on your device
  • a stand for your music, once you have got started.

An external microphone, webcam or speaker can further enhance your experience once you have started lessons.

How the lessons work

First of all using email addresses we set each other up as a contact in the Zoom App. At the agreed time for your lesson I will send you an invite to your lesson. Once you accept that invitation your lesson can begin.

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