Learn to play a Brass Instrument.........Now Online!

Alan Holford. Specialist teacher, musician, conductor & Ensemble trainer

Learn to play a Brass Instrument.........Now Online!

Alan Holford. Specialist teacher, musician, conductor & Ensemble trainer


Online lessons Terms and Conditions.

About the lessons.

  • Lessons must be taken in a room with an open door.
  • For students under 18 years of age, a parent, guardian or other responsible adult must be present in the house while the lesson is taking place.
  • Students are expected to dress and behave appropriately during the lesson. Where students display inappropriate attire the lesson will be suspended and the parent advised of the reason for doing so. The lesson can resume once the pupil is suitably attired within the timeframe of the lesson.
  • Copyright does not permit the recording of any lesson, audio or video by either teacher, student, parent or guardian without written consent of both parties in advance.
  • Any printed music or other resources shared onscreen is for the purpose of the lesson only and not to be used for any other purpose.
  • I (the teacher) will at all times maintain a current and regularly updated DBS.

Arrangement of lessons.

  • Tuition is available in blocks of eight lessons or more and can be arranged in line with school terms or holiday periods if required.
  • The time for each lesson will be arranged on a week by week basis with the pupil or pupil’s parent or guardian at the previous lesson.
  • If requested, every effort will be made to offer the same day and time for each weekly lesson, but cannot be guaranteed.

Payment of fees.

  • Payment is required in advance for each block of tuition. Lessons begin once payment is received.
  • Invoices for a new block of tuition will be issued two weeks prior to the start date.

Cancelling or amending tuition

  • A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to change the time and day of a lesson once it has been arranged.
  • Lessons will automatically terminate at the end of a block of tuition unless a request to extend that block of tuition is received in writing(email)
  • When fees are not paid on time, I (the teacher) reserve the right to terminate any agreement to provide a block of tuition.
  • An agreement may be ended by mutual consent at any time by both signatories to it signing and dating a written statement to that effect.

Failure to give notice.

  • If a student stops logging on or taking lessons while a block of tuition is ongoing, the students’ parent or carer is not entitled to a refund of any fees paid for that block of tuition.
  • If I (the teacher) stop lessons once a block of tuition has commenced, then I shall refund for any lessons not given as a result.

Missed lessons

  • If I (the teacher) cancel a scheduled lesson, the student or students parent or carer may choose between(i) carrying the lesson forward, (ii) receiving a replacement lesson if a mutually convenient time is available, (iii) receiving a refund of the lesson fee.
  • I (the teacher) will charge for any scheduled lesson arranged within a block of tuition which the pupil fails to join online at the allotted time unless I choose not to do so due to exceptional circumstances.
  • I will charge for any lesson suspended to pupil’s inappropriate attire or failing to abide by the terms and conditions of online lessons.
  • Where lessons are missed due to non-payment of fees these will not be made up. Full settlement of any outstanding amount for the block of tuition is required before lessons will resume.

Group lessons 

  • Online group tuition is only available where schools contract the lesson directly for its’ pupils from different households to take their lesson together in school online.

Introductory Offer

FREE Taster lesson. Block of four lessons for the price of three.

  • One taster lesson is available for new pupils to Online lessons on the first choice of brass instrument only for a maximum duration of 20 minutes, beginner to Grade 2 and 30 minutes from Grade 3 to 8.
  • One further block of four lessons for the price of three is available for each student following their taster lesson. Fee is payable in advance.
  • No refunds are provided for students discontinuing lessons before the end of the fourth lesson. Both offers are non transferable and available once.