Learn to play a Brass Instrument.........Now Online!

Alan Holford. Specialist teacher, musician, conductor & Ensemble trainer

Learn to play a Brass Instrument.........Now Online!

Alan Holford. Specialist teacher, musician, conductor & Ensemble trainer


Already Playing? Lessons Q&A

Already Playing? Want to develop your skills to the next grade level?

One-to-one Online lessons tailored to your specific needs enable you to learn at your own pace in a relaxed friendly atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

Who are lessons for? 

Whether wanting to play for fun, needing help preparing GCSE or A Level practical playing exams for school or working towards National Grade Exams of Trinity College London or ABRSM.

What if I have learnt an instrument other than brass?

If you already play an instrument other than brass like the piano, woodwind or a string instrument and would like to have a go at playing a brass instrument for the first time, click here for further information

Do I need to provide an instrument?

Yes! Most people already playing brass will already have access to an instrument. If not, it may be possible to borrow one from school or a local band on which to take up lessons again. Alternatively, you can hire an instrument from County Music Hubs or instrument shops. Click here to contact me for more information 

What else do I need for lessons?

You will need to purchase whatever music you require, a music stand and access to a computer with a good internet connection in order to receive your lessons online. Click here for further information on Online lessons 

Do I need to practise?

Yes! To make the most of lessons, players normally practise for a minimum of 30 minutes daily once they have passed the beginner stages. Try to build your practise time into your daily schedule and increase the time as your stamina and skills grow.

Do I need to take exams?

It is not necessary to take exams to learn to play a musical instrument, but the curriculum involved in preparation for them does provide a national framework from which to learn to play and measure your progress. They also provide an added incentive to learn a balance of skills including pieces, scales and arpeggios, technical, aural and sight reading skills. Click here for information on exams 

Are lessons available in schools?

Lessons can be available in schools, colleges and people’s homes, but at this time, due to COVID-19 lessons are currently only available ONLINE over Zoom.

How often should I have lessons?

Young players are advised to have a weekly lesson. These are provided in blocks of eight or more.

What is the minimum recommended lesson length for my grade?

A 20 minute lesson is recommended up to grade 2. From grade 2 to grade 5 a 30 minute lesson and for players working towards grade 6 - 8 a 40 minute lesson.

What’s on offer and what is the cost?

FREE taster lesson. (Online only)

Player’s considering lessons with me for the first time are offered a one-off taster lesson online of up to 30 minutes duration on one instrument of choice only. This provides an opportunity to meet me, talk through what you aim to get out of lessons and to provide information and advice on your playing, setting up Zoom and your workspace at home. Click here for information on Zoom.

First four lessons for the price of three (Online only)

After your FREE taster lesson why not try a further block of four lessons for the price of three. These lessons are paid for in advance and non refundable should you discontinue before the end of your fourth lesson.

After this initial try-out Lessons are arranged on a week by week basis with payment due for lessons received at the end of each calendar month. The charge for each 20min lesson is £12.00, 30min lesson £18.00 and 40min lesson £24.00. Further terms and conditions apply.. Further T&Cs apply. Click here.